Ojon Hydrating Styling Cream Review

The product pictured is a travel size 2 fl oz version of the full size version of Ojon’s Hydrating Styling Cream, which is $28 for a 4.2 oz bottle. Ojon products use high quality ingredients that are good for your hair without using chemicals. I was excited to try out this product since I have had such good luck with other Ojon products.


The product uses Ojon’s signature palm nut oil of the tropical Ojon tree. This ingredient is supposed to enhance shine, and condition hair. This leave in cream is supposed to smooth and hydrate dull damaged hair leaving it shiny,defined, and smooth, as well as reduce breakage, damage, and frizz.


This styling cream provides protection from UV rays and heat styling products. It is PH balanced to help prolong hair color as well as leaving hair soft, nourished and table free.


I used this product for a week. During this week, I really missed using my Ojon Damage Reverse oil. I prefer the hair oil by Ojon over this product because it was much more weightless in my hair. I have very fine, thin, straight hair. Frizz is not a problem for me, but damage from dying my hair blonde is. The cream has the consistence of lotion, with brown microspheres that dissolve in your hands. I enjoyed the light sweet smell that reminds me of bananas. I did not find that the product detangled my hair. During my 12 hour work days my hair still got matted in the back by my collar. My hair did feel slightly weighed down by a light film. On a positive note, my hair did seem hydrated with less frizz, but overall, I thought the product could have performed a little better. I will not be using this product any more as I prefer the oil that I reviewed previously since it was more light weight and detangled my hair better. Perhaps this product is better suited for a coarser frizzier hair type.

Overall, I give this product a C or a 7 of 10. It did some of the things it claimed and consists of high quality ingredients. However, it did seem to leave a film and slightly weigh down my fine hair.


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